Digital printing software

neoStampa. The benchmark RIP Software
of the digital textile printing industry.

Compatible with all major brands of printers on the market, neoStampa has a user-friendly interface and is straightforward to use, offering advanced technology for image processing.  This RIP Software have a powerful color management engine and multiple options for cost control, image editing, calibration and print profiling make neoStampa the best available solution.

Different printers, same color

From the screen to the printer

Connect your workflow

Matching color libraries

Queue Manager

Calibration Wizard

Intuitive Interface

Reports Cost Control

Different printers, same color

With neoStampa you can print on different machines and different media obtaining identical colours.

From the screen to the printer

Control on the screen the colors you are going to print with the RGB profile generator. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop®

Connect your workflow

Send your designs to print from any computer on your company. Compatible with neoCatalog and Photoshop®

Matching color libraries

Create your color library and work with this regardless of the printer you are going to use.

Queue Manager

Control your print queues from the same screen. Add, deactivate and move jobs from different queues in a single click.

Calibration Wizard

This module guides you in the calibration process of your printers in a clear and instructive way.

Intuitive Interface

You can access most of its features from the main work table and add your designs to the print queue quickly and easily.

Reports Cost Control

Monitor the ink consumption of your printer, calculate the cost of current or pending printing assignments, and manage your printing costs


Minimum equipment requirements

4GB of RAM (16GB recommended)

500GB hard drive


Supported operating systems

Microsoft Windows 10 or superior

(Supported Models)

x-Rite SP-62

x-Rite i1 Pro

x-Rite i1 iO

Barbieri SpectroLFP

Barbieri SpectroPAD

KonicaMinolta FD-7


Supported file formats

Image formats (BMP, RLE, TIF, JPG, PCD, PSD, XJB)

Vectoral/combined formats (EPS, PS, AI, PDF)

Multichannel formats (DCS, DCS 2.0, PSD)

Design formats (CP4, CP5)


Supported color spaces

RGB (supported for embedded prints)

CMYK (supported for embedded prints)

Gray scale (supported for embedded prints)

LAB (CIELAB D50, 2°)

Supported colors and inks

Color combinations of up to 16 colors.

Base inks: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, golden yellow, orange, red, violet, blue, green, brown, beige and pink.

Up to 4 shades of cyan, magenta, yellow and black and 2 light red, green, and blue inks.

Special inks: spot colors, dilution/penetration inks.

Mask ink, white ink and metallic ink.

Fluorescent inks: flavine inks (fluorescent yellow) and rhodamine (fluorescent magenta).

Many of the same color inks can be programed to have a different behavior.