Inèdit Software

About us

Established in 1992, Inèdit Software started operations specializing in design software development for Apple systems for the textile industry.

We are currently a gold standard company worldwide in our sector and we offer software solutions for digital printing, creative design and color management. At the same time, we help our clients optimize processes and integrate them efficiently in their digital printing workflow, due to our innovative image management tools and departmental interconnectivity.
In recent years, international acclaim of our products has spurred us to significantly expand our commercial horizons to reach clients from the textile, ceramic and laminate floor industries, from more than 60 countries, across five continents.

Why choose us?

We are experts in digital printing, and design and color management for the textile and decorative industries. Our software solutions will enable the departments in your company to work independently, while being fully interconnected, to optimize your workflow to the max.

We strive to ensure designers, decorators, printers, clients and commercial executives all speak the same language. We’ve got what you need.

Accurate color reproduction

Process optimization

Productivity improvement

Saving of time and money

Our location

Our head offices are located in Sant Vicenç de Montalt, a pretty town on the Mediterranean coast, just 40 km from Barcelona center.
Want to visit us? We’d be delighted if you came to see us so that we can show you what we do.


We’ll advise you and provide a non- binding quote.

If you work in design, digital textiles or decorative printing, we have what you need.

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